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The pressures of everyday life in our hectic modern life mean that many homebuyers are seeking more than just a house to fulfill their need for personal space, which is surely why one of the most in demand concepts for home is villas surrounded by scenic beauty.

Smilee celestial – Villas and Villa plots in neighbourhoods that provide a genuine sense of contentment. Smilee celestial is a 50 acre residential township at Hosur road,Bangalore, with meticulously planned infrastructure facilities and complete range of recreational amenities.

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Blue Valley projects are true reflections of our client’s precious sentiments of beautiful life spaces that form the perfect backdrop for contentment. Blue Valley Properties brings you meticulously planned and aesthetically designed luxury rich Villas & plots for you to live life to the fullest. Smilee Anandavana is a fully integrated affluent community of private, peaceful and refreshing homes set amidst lush plantations. Come, discover the best of both worlds – serene and fresh home base and the metropolitan advantages of Bangalore city, at Smilee Anandavana. Booking & sale is open for more info enquire today

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A facing element ( 2 ), for use in a stabilized earth structure ( 1 ), comprises a reinforcing portion ( 60 ) extending substantially across the facing element, This specification discloses method and apparatus for treating subsurface layers of the earth to build.

  • Earthwork excavation as required for wall foundations and RC footings and other substructures
  • Backfilling of earth with available earth and earth brought from outside if required
  • Disposal of excess earth if any
  • Providing and laying Plain cement concrete (PCC ) in mix 1:4:8 below wall foundations, RCC footings, toe walls, flooring and below drive way.
  • Providing and laying Damp proof course (DPC) in mix 1:3:6 over plinth with water proof admixtures.
  • Providing and laying PCC 1:3:6 for windows and cills
  • Providing and laying PCC 1:3:6 for Coping slab for parapet wall topping.
  • Providing and fixing in position Fist Class TEAKWOOD French windows and ventilators, with Frame of size 2.5”x5” size and with 3”x1.25” thick styles and 1.5”x1.5” central mullian and with mosquito mesh shutters and with nominal MS safety grill
  • Plain glass for all windows except for the toilet with pinned glass.
  • Providing required guaranteed water proofing below and at toilet flooring
  • Providing required guaranteed water proofing for sloped roof and flat terrace roof
  • Providing and laying first class water proof concrete tiles over sloped roof with required ridge and with approved sandtex matt/apex fungus proof color painting.
  • Providing necessary guaranteed water proofing jointing at skylight area.

Contractor to provide 5 year written warranty on the water proofing for any defects encountered, he should repair at free of cost.

  • Providing and casting in-situ Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) of grade M20 for FOOTINGS AND PEDESTALS
  • Providing and casting in-situ Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) of grade M20 for columns at all levels
  • Providing and casting in-situ Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) of grade M20 for lintels and beams
  • Providing and casting facias and drops
  • Providing and casting in-situ Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) of grade M20 for ground floor roof slab, first floor roof slab, sloped roof slabs.
  • Providing and casting lofts and shelves and chajjas.
  • Providing and fabricating RIBBED STEEL BARS for reinforced cement concrete as per structural details (basic rate of
  • Providing and fixing in position MS GRILLS for windows with 10mm sq brite bars (non decorative)
  • Providing and fixing in position MS Non decorative/ decorative Gate of 13’x6’
  • Providing and fixing in position MS Nondecorative railing for Balconies & Sitout
  • Providing and fixing in position MS powder coated staircase grill design rods, with Teakwood top rail Non decorative/ decorative
  • Providing and constructing Size stone masonary in mix 1: 6 for wall foundations and toe walls & partitions
  • Providing and constructing Size stone masonary in mix 1:6 with chisel dressed above ground level for external walls
  • Providing and constructing 9” thick table moulded brickwall in CM 1: 6 for external and internal load bearing walls
  • Providing and constructing 4.5” thick table moulded brickwall in CM 1:4 with RC band at 4course levels for all partition walls
  • Providing earth cutting alround the building as required for formation levels
  • Providing and laying 3” thick flagging concrete alround the building of 2’ wide
  • Providing and fixing front rough machine polished granite over drain
  • Providing Guaranteed ANTITERMITE treatment for plinth, floor, and external perimeter
  • Providing dummy pillers for as per elevations
  • Providing cornices and mouldings as per elevations
  • Providing Plastering grooves as per elevations
  • Providing capital and pedestals for pillers as per elevations
  • Providing gate pillers with required design
  • Providing and finishing the plastering grooves as required as per the design elevation.
  • Providing cinder filling for all sunken areas
  • Providing and fixing in position required Granite counters and ledges as per toilet layouts (Basic rate of granite: Rs 135/- per sft)
  • Providing RCC over head water tank of 3500 lit capacity and with required water proofing
  • Providing AC split unit provision for all bedrooms and with required ducting, electrical points, civil works included
  • Providing and fixing SOLAR WATER HEATER of 200 litre capacity of approved brand with required insulated piping as per toilet details and with back up heating facility
  • Providing and fixing in position exhaust fan (supplied by owner) with required cutouts and frame works at all toilets and kitchen and with required electrical points.
  • Providing False ceilings at toilets if required.
  • Rain water harvesting
  • All electrical points upto meter board, using ISI standard approved make and materials excluding any fittings and in line with the electrical drawings furnished by the architects
  • All electrical switches shall be of Modular LK(silver color plate+Black color switch) make as approved or equivalent.
  • All electrical conduits shall be of FINOLEX multistrand wires
  • All are of concealed wiring and with a separate UPS INDEPENDENT EMERGENCY LIGHTING circuiting for selected points in each room
  • Auto level controller between sump and over head water tank with controller placed at Kitchen utility area
  • Providing And Laying

    • NON SKID CERAMIC TILES FOR ALL TOILETS ( Basic price Rs 65/- per sft)
    • LAMINATED WOODEN FLOOR FOR MASTER BED ROOM ( Basic rate of Rs 125/- per Sft)

  • Providing And Laying restile or ultra/duracrete flooring for drive way, car park, first floor balcony (Basic Rate Of Tiles Rs 42/- Per Sft)
  • Providing And Laying clay tiles flooring for the first floor open flat terrace.
  • Providing and Dadoing GLAZED TILES for toilet walls upto 7’0” height or 8’6” height or full height as required for all toilets with roof chemical jointing (Basic rate of tiles Rs 50/- per sft)


  • Providing necessary Ceiling plastering to all soffits in CM 1:3 of 0.5” thick
  • Providing necessary Internal Plastering to all Internal surfaces in CM 1:4 and 0.5” thick with necessary mesh jointing between rcc and masonary junctions
  • Providing necessary External wall plastering of 0.75” thickness to all external surfaces in CM 1:4
  • Providing Pointing to the exposed stone masonary foundation above ground level and for stone cladding joints.


  • 01. Providing painting of approved color with deluxe luxury plastic emulsion or equivalent washable painting to all internal surfaces
  • Providing painting of approved color with apex weather shield painting for all external surfaces of wall
  • Providing painting with SYNTETIC ENAMEL PAINTING for all grills, gates, and MS items and external door external surface & window external surface.
  • Providing Mellamine polishing of approved shade, to all inside of external doors and both sides of internal doors stair case top rail

Providing and fixing 1st class Teakwood main door with single leaf decorative shutter and glass Panel sideways:

  • Providing and fixing 1st class Teak wood frame and Bothside teak finish water proof flush shutters for all the internal doors with the required design beadings & high quality approved brand hardware
  • Providing and fixing 1st class teakwood frame and with Teak wood panelled shutters for all the external doors
  • Providing and fixing teakwood french type door cum window for sit outs.
  • Providing and fixing teakwood panelled with half glazed door for kitchen.
  • All water supply and sanitary points as per the TOILET LAYOUTS FURNISHED using ISI standard approved materials and GI/ PVC materials for piping with necessary fittings
  • Sanitary fixtures shall be of Hindustan make and with Offwhite/ Grey/Mint color or equivalent color (50% color) for EWC, wash basins
  • Sanitary fittings shall be Jaguar make chrome plated
  • Counter wash basins for all toilets
  • Wall mounted EWC as per toilet layouts
  • Overhead showers, Health faucets,bidets for all toilets
  • Water supply pipes & fittings-pvc-6kg/sqc
  • Valve- cast iron butter fly valve pn16
  • Valve chamber-brickwork with cover to suit
  • Sanitary – stoneware & pvc -6 kg/sqcm
  • Chambers &manholes – brick work – tablemould
  • Chambers covers – RCC precast heavy duty
  • Drains – bs slab 4″ thick with pointing
  • Culverts – ssm in 1;6 C.M ,450/600 thick

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Our Projects envisages that you make the most out of life and for that we provide you with all the conveniences
that will ensure smooth sailing as you coast through a fulsome life.


All-Round Compound Wall


Tar Road


Underground Cabling


Rain Water Harvesting


Sewage Treatment Plant


Overhead Tank and Sumps


Tree Lined Avenues


All-Round Compound Wall


Tar Road


Underground Cabling


Rain Water Harvesting


Located just off Hosur Road near Chandrapura, Smilee Celestial Township places itself in close proximity to the ‘Knowledge Industries Corrior’comprising of Electronic City, Software Parks, Bio-Tech Companies, BPOs and medical tourism locations such as Narayana Hrudayalaya, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a home amidst one of the most happening part of Bangalore. With Hosur Road emerging as a high potential location for investment and growth, it makes immense sense to own a piece of land at Smilee Celestial or even build a heavenly home to live in.


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